Full Name
Ria Sliger
Job Title
Director, Acquisition, Management and Planning (AMP)
Speaker Bio
Ria Sliger is the Director of Acquisition Management and Planning (AMP) in the Office of Chief Procurement Officer at the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Mrs. Sliger has been in this position at the IRS since August 2023. She oversees three branches responsible for Procurement Innovation and Improvement, Industry Engagement, and Acquisition Planning, Portfolio Management, and Forecasting. In her short tenue at the service, she is overseeing a New Pilot Program for Acquisition Program Management Office (A-PMO) the first of its kind. This A-PMO provides direct customer support during the pre-planning phase of the acquisition process. The key benefits are improving quality and consistency of acquisition packages, minimizing the need for rework, reducing timeline to award, and enhancing partnerships and collaborations through the business organizations.

She began her career at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) located in Clarksburg, WV serving in various roles, the latest as the Unit Chief of the Information Technology Acquisition Unit. Her entire contracting career was work spent on the operational side for contracting. In June, Mrs. Sliger will celebrate 30 years of Government Service.
Ria Sliger